being broke & in a tiny new york apartment has changed my collecting habits. when i go to record stores these days, i just bring a pen and piece of paper. i rarely ever break out my wallet. i write down anything that sounds interesting and when i get home, i google search the title of the album along with the word "mediafire," "sendspace" or "sharebee" until i can find a forum board or blog that has posted a link to it. it is helpful to download software that will un .rar files as well.

from doing this, i have learn to keep tabs on a few blogs that share my taste in music.
this one is the raddest & recently posted the new: blck kids, bck & wlkmen. i keep tabs on this one, this one & this one as well.

i am practicing a sort of cognitive dissonance a kin to the vegan smoking habit i recently broke. one thing it obviously means, and i am not proud of, is that i am a thief. worse off, i am often times thieving from independent record labels. this habit is no worse than stealing off a merch table.

i'm at work now and shouldn't be posting this train of thought without further investigating my stance on it. however, this is also the glory of the interweb. half baked ideas can be published and traded so easily & free. right along side artwork & albums that have taken people years to create. it is sad, it is green (in a warped sort of way) & it is our future.

CD's are trash & labels like mt.st.mtn & p.w. elverum and sun are indie's only hope (canceling out the whole "green" theory with outsourced vinyl production creating three eye'd fish in russian streams). wow. back to work.


P.M said...

Holy fuck, I currently have 20 albums in my download folder and I feel dirty.

I hate the future.

But thanks for the links....

jay howell said...

I bet you take this post down by the end of the day.
Please don't, i don't have time to look at all those blogs till later.
Cds are trash and computers are fucking awesome!
The idea that downloading is wrong is put in your head by old stupid people. This is just how it is now so deal with it.
The record industry is NEVER going to go away so don't worry. People are never going to stop driving cars either. But we will find different and better ways to do both.

aroo said...

Ha. I second that bet! Half-baked ideas are what can make blogs beautiful and important (although I'll fully admit that I tend towards babbling on my blog), We should have more spaces in life to air all those floating ideas in our heads,it's where great things come from dude.

Computers and the internet (think data centers as big as football fields powering the internet) are trashy too--just watch Manufactured Landscapes--but you choose your battles. Try to live as lightly as you can. There I go, babbling again...

N A M E S A K E said...

you are right, but just because you said it, i won't. you are and have always been visionary. ashley, i want to make that peanut coleslaw. p.m keep posting those shred videos. can't wait for the weekend.

jane said...

i also though the same thing as jay, that you'll delete this soon.

i think about the whole downloading thing a lot, and don't know what to think some times. but, i do know that i haven't bought a cd in at least years

also, i'm gonna be there for several days at the end of the month. hope we can hang.

Anonymous said...

is it so bad to dwnld if you go to shows consistently and buy when you can? i don't think so.... or at least that's how i roll.

Manufactured Landscapes rules!

Anonymous said...

i miss you sarah

Eighty Four Films said...

You've just provided me with enough music for the next 6 months, thank you sir!

oshareneko said...

I think you have to be brave to share your thoughts on the internet and I am glad you left the post up so I could come catch up on your blog and read it today. Each person does their best at sharing ad encouraging the creative. Taking things in for free has a price on the individual as does making things for free, it is case by case as far as I see things. You have to do, make, download, purchase, consume in whatever way sits right with you, yourself. We all influence each other in small to huge ways the most important part is to stay positive and try to live fun times in the best way we can together. Reading your, Jay's, Audrey's, other's blogs and listening to shared musics and mixes makes me happy and encourages me to be creative and feel happy about living my simple friend loving, cookie eating life. Good on you Hammerheadsharkattack.