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dang. jared made my day by pointing out this comprehensive slap interview with t. campbell. thanks dude. here's the audio. the video is shot by a.kopps. visit the link yourself though. real rad how you're able to click on multiple angles of each piece.


"hope you are well, sure you are busy. life is heavy."
"goodnight canyon," by privacy (for mr. morton).


this song has haunted me since a 1997 road trip to hollywood:
catalina (i love you in french)" by further.
i got to see a real great zombies cover band this weekend. you can watch too: here and here. they played in honor of nathalie's new zombie zine: pretty zombie. if you haven't yet, go look at david wilson's show at mollusk. it's really something else. he made all the frames from drift wood found during the documentation process. he's a mind blower. here's his mix for dancing. good luck with your week. i'll need it. mon.


"empire state of mind" by jay-z featuring alicia keys. and since i made it here.


if you're in nyc, go to karen and nick's gallery opening. bummed to be missing it.


let it go, "this too shall pass," by okgo. another musical mind blowing experience.


did you know amy browne has a web site? i didn't. there's 64 of these here totems.


aside from christian and nathalie living close, yours truly was the most inspiring thing this week. this is good too. hope you all have a great weekend. take care.


my dad took me to hawk hill for my birthday. magic. "honeybee" by mountain man.


the weight of the world is love. going to miss that cat. school started. i moved.