nicholas & i have traded mail for a couple years. he lives in albequerque. last he sent a 12 song cdr & collage book.

center fold:
(click on photo & then right click on enlarged picture for awesome desktop bro)

+ a couple photos:

for cereal

jesse just showed me that a brooklyn blog posted my prince cover.
i took this picture of steve (on the left) at the cabin.
he's the one leaving the romantic message in the middle of the song.



hooked up my scanner. jesse s. fgo circa '95?


get weird

it's friday soon. below is a picture of juni's first potty trained poo. she was so stoked. couldn't wait to flush it. saturday the finches are doing an in store at amoeba at 2PM. right click & save target as here for daniel's song. 'make a joyful sound here' is playing at the red vic at 4:15. talked amy & megan into a yosemite trip for sunday.
stay up, adamc.

amy browne (mini mag series)

should be able to click on each individual to enlarge:

more today's lunch break

clarion alley: chubs, pez (us crew ruling)

bee in a yellow tree (17th & shotwell)


today's lunch at truly med (16th & valencia)

yesterday's lunch at mini van (24th & hampshire)


white merganser smew

pops called in sick today to drive out to twain harte and see a smew floating around on a farmer's pond with his lady friend. twain harte is right inbetween the cabin and yosemite.

mr. john james audubon says:

The Smew is a bird of extremely rare occurrence in the United States, insomuch that it must be considered merely as a transient or accidental visiter...The only specimen procured by me was shot by myself on Lake Barataria, not far from New Orleans, in the winter of 1819. It was an adult female in fine plumage. How it had wandered so far south is an enigma to me; but having found it, and made a drawing of it on the spot, I have taken the liberty to add one of the other sex from an equally fine specimen. After all, the Smew can scarcely be considered as belonging to the American Fauna, any more than our Fork-tailed Hawk can with propriety be called a denizen of England; and in this I am supported by all the great navigators of our Arctic Seas, such as ROSS, PARRY, and FRANKLIN, none of whom, nor any of their companions, ever met with a single individual of this beautiful bird.


twenty seven two thousand seven

the swell c. wells

chris is helping me to keep things interesting.
below is a cigarrette butt he made out of string.
makes a mean fly as well. dude is weird.

chris showed me the danielson family a few years back. a very good documentary about them will be showing at the red vic 1/25-1/27. it shows sufjan go from behind the scenes band member to mega super star. actually, you pleasanton folk probably met chris outside the sufjan show in berkeley.

need about 20 more seconds of footage for the cabin movie.
lori send out your pictures.



camp connell was the best & as soon as i put my bags on my bed last night i was bummed & lonely. today the feeling has gotten worse and then i seen this:

january 22 is the most depressing day of the year, according to Wales-based psychologist Cliff Arnall. Arnall talks with Luke Burbank about why the day is so depressing, how to get through it and when to mark the happiest day of the year on your calendar. listen here.

more pictures soon.


ft. miley w/ sarah

sarah's bday party was fun stuff. sorry if i made you wear the dick head, hit you in the balls or talked about buying eggs. this whole weekend was missing jake. hung over fort miley:

'the tiger bounce' by ezee tiger

sarah's real birthday is on wednesday the 17th & lori's will be on friday the 19th (cabin trip!).