today i have come to terms with the fact that i love california and never want to move away.


a page in the book i just finished said, "good things will grow from your confused corpse. that's how it works. and i will appreciate whatever comes out of that hallowed ground and aspire to a resemblance. because there is time for love and nothing is complicated in this simple moment of acknowledgment." i won't attempt a book report but i enjoyed axis of praxis for moments like this. here's "linne" by s. tokumaru. going camping!


"auto. slim & the fat boys (1, 2, 3)" by m. hurley


d. lyon casts spells. "cannons" by youth lagoon.


this is a song about the sea. the fucking ocean. it's not done, but i am for the week. i wrote it the night i got back from jamie & sarah's wedding. we had laid around on the beach the whole next day with tons of fresh bread & good company. sarah mccoy made me laugh until i cried.


it was your girl friend richard. i saw her do it.*



this guy. free tonight. previously: 1, 2, 3.
p. clipson is showing at ata. "return" by *ar.