carter, thanks again for introducing me to mr. baldwin. "take this hammer" by l.belly.

"the dark" by woods. there's a good rich jacobs show up at white walls. radical.


i forget when i first watched this video, but just hearing the song again in this steve alan commercial made me want to track it down: "in the summertime" by the r a a


the new mississippi comp, "mata la pena," is ridiculously good. here you go. rar your face off. although, with this crazy assembling and original artwork by chris johanson, you'll want to grab a hard copy quick like. i doubt this one will repress anytime soon. while you wait for the countdown: "kuu lei" by george ku


anyone crafty enough to find the "new north wales" to download? i've waited years.

"cry baby cry" by ramsey lewis. born to be nervous. thanks mang. i'm stuck on it.


got this book for a couple little friends. it is awesome. you should too.



marcella and i got a song in
hot & cold #1 (out next week). marcella is one of my most favorite people to make music with & hot & cold is the raddest zine made ever. i think i may cry when i hold it. i'm listening to the family band rough mixes right now and they've done something magical with the overdubs. crickets, toy pianos, eagle wings soaring high above catskill hills, etc... when they are more solid i'll share a track. until then, go buy up one of kims new prints & watch some of the videos i made of us recording. i am super broke. i need a job.