congratulations jamie & sarah! here's a new streaming mix by nathalie. we pitched our tent on mowed over poison oak.


then there's this giant 'book' that has large frameable versions of many similar drawings.


oh man you guys, i'm so tired & for no reason. hey, miller path is in san franciscan record stores now for $14.98. go get a copy. here below is that song fader has as a download of here.

i am stuck on it but maybe it's just because i miss them & the catskills & an actual summer. i promise no more shameless promotion after this (or, less shameless promotion after this). richard let me borrow his pen-ee so i haven't been taking digital photos the last couple weeks.



there's a new family band track up for grabs here. here also is the original version: "marie" by jack nitzsche. mr. nitzsche also wrote "needles & pins" for jackie deshannon. good stuff. i dropped off a couple copies of miller path at aquarius and i hope to have some up at amoeba by the weekend.