i never did file a report

On January 11, 2007, Leslie Jill May, 49, was a victim of a robbery. She made a police report regarding the robbery the next morning, January 12. Later in the morning May was forced into a vehicle on the 500 block of Jones Street. That was the last time May was seen. Later in the afternoon of January 12, at approximately 4:30 PM, a body was discovered in a Candlestick parking lot. An autopsy indicated that the person had been burned to death. A homicide investigation was begun and it was determined that it was Leslie Jill May’s body that had been found at the Candlestick Park parking lot. The investigation identified two suspects involved in the death of May. On January 23, Mia Sagote, 29, was arrested for the death of May. Sagote was charged with murder, kidnapping, and robbery. On February 13, a second suspect, Leslie Siliga, 30, was arrested for the murder and kidnapping of May and was additionally charged with conspiracy. An arrest warrant had been issued on February 6 for Siliga for the above charges. Contact Inspector Michael Gaynor at 415-553-9028 or Inspector Philpott at 415-553-1455 w/ info.

curious if this lady in the chron's photo essay is the same "jill" may? same hood right.

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Brian said...

That's the same woman. There's a photo of her in the Chronicle today.