you can't win

shit, he's got a long week ahead:

San Francisco Police arrested the suspect in an arson fire at ------- Street that occurred last Monday afternoon, March 19. -------, 33, was taken into custody yesterday evening, March 20, at the University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center. A citizen at the hospital recognized ------- from his picture that was aired on television and called police. The fire injured a San Francisco firefighter and substantially damaged the apartment building. ------- was a resident in that building. ------- has been charged with two counts of arson: arson with injury to a firefighter and arson in an inhabited structure.

if anyone knows of a way to help out through this, letter writting, benefit show or whatever, let me know. i'm a fan. also, say the word & i will delete this post.



jane said...


jesse said...

double whoa.

dmtz said...

duuuude... fuckin shitty

Morton Pivelfist said...

From what i understand he is in 850's psych ward and is not being allowed visitors.
He has suffered some mental challenges as of late and it seems to have taken a very severe swing for the worse.
when we last spoke about three weeks ago he sounded so stoked to be doing what he was doing, his positivity made me feel like a crumugen (sp?).
I will keep you posted if i hear anything further and will stop before i reach the point of redundancy.

and welcome back.....