lluucckkyy ddrraaggoonnss

he handed out four conductor things and when you touched someone a sample would play. depending on which someone and how hard you touched the sound would differ. i think. i don't know really what was happening.

nirvana is yacht & lucky dragons. lucky dragons did bleach & yacht in utero.

tried to take a movie but too dark. here's to hear the sounds.

and here's a couple videos i've used his songs on in the past.

one last link. he has tons of neat art stuff to purchase there. i bought a zine & i'd take pictures to show you but i am tired and going to bed. thanks again for looking at my blog. love, adam c.


Oliver said...

THAT SECOND VIDEO IS DOPE.did u shoot it? what is going on..? I'm gonna get the NV10 today! your pics continue to impress.

lamesake said...

yeah dude, the nv10 has a little movie option. if you have a mac, it is real easy to drag the quicktime videos into imovie and edit. then you drag a song over from your music library. i'm looking forward to seeing how you use this thing. write me here sanfrantastic@gmail.com or call me 264.3234 if you run into any questions.

oshareneko said...