This Sunday, Oct. 28, from 7 to 8 p.m. EDT, Sufjan Stevens will premiere parts of his orchestral work "The BQE" on David Garland's radio show "Spinning on Air". You can listen online at WNYC. Garland recently filmed a run-through of the piece in WNYC's studio and posted an excerpt to YouTube. Sufjan plays piano, and this offers an early chance to hear what the piece sounds like. As Pitchfork news reported in May, the live premiere of the full piece is set for Nov. 1, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave festival. The hour before ( 6-7PM EST) Dan Deacon will be on The Sound of Young America.

The New Pornographers were on Soundcheck yesterday.


oshareneko said...

You have like the best job in the whole world. So rad, thanks for sharing. Get my mail from France yet?

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Its true, your work is rad.

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for reals? RADICAL.