donal & i lived in the same room. he takes photos.

i visited joe in albany right before he & sara's nyc battle of 2006. we skated a pvc pipe rail on a raining day & watched his part in the new deal video useless wooden toys. if you live in portland you should go see his artwork here. roadie cred here.

tommy is real good at riding bikes & at not posting his picture on the internet. we lived in a 150 year old farm house in downtown santa rosa with my brother and brian. we worked together at two different jobs in two different towns and went vegan together.


Joe said...

Hahaha. Adam C. "Chimmy Chang" as Schuyler would say (I have no idea where it got that nickname fer u???) Thanks for the rekognision. Appreciated!!! It appears as if you've been skating a lot lately? True? NYC, man, I give it up to you for sticking with it. That city totally kicked my ass only after 8 months. Almost died there twice. Hey, have you seen Mark G. rolling around out there?? I looked for him in 2006 to no avail. I know he's there, somewhere...

sweet said...

tommy t. man o man.