here's dave potes and here's dave potes' march mix. dave took this photo of the hot air balloon above. i got a real big version of it in my living room. you could too. write dave here: dpotes(at)totespotes(dot)com. this mix came with two rad zines, one acting as the track list, + 3 bonus songs that didn't fit on the podcast. sorry dudes. as i write this, the bush tetras track is melting my mind. thanks for all the time & effort dave. track list: longmont potion caste | 96 eyes | pauline murray & the invisible girls | the project | omd | rubber room | bush tetras | tom ware | longmont potion castle | omd | booka shade | fever ray | native korean rock | blind man's colour | chromatic flights | otis johnson (*)


oshareneko said...

So rad. Thank you both.

tommy said...

thank you weekend!
your blog hits the spot.
thanks dude