here's some of my most favorite songs by little wings. i couldn't fit them all.
mount eerie mix from last month if you just got here. my grandpa made this tree.


P.M said...


Anyway, I was saying how Mt. Eerie is playing here in September, and how I've never seen him before, and how rad it's going to be.

I have a K Records Comp from years back that owns. Little Wings is also the shit.

N A M E S A K E said...

dude, i'll be in paris (bummer): Fri. Sept. 19th- Brooklyn, NY- Lutheran Church of the Messiah, 129 Russell St @ Nassau, Greenpoint (G-Nassau or L-Graham), 8pm, $8, info (with Julie Doiron and Calm Down, It’s Monday)

Monte said...

Three cheers for Grandpa!

jane said...

i like this. i've listened to it a few times now. thanks for always posting awesome music dude.

iamcurious said...

yes! again, thank you. i got to see him play a few months back at the festival in the forest fundraiser for the fires in big sur. he was amazing and really self-deprecating and one of the nicest beards i've ever seen.