camp connell was the best & as soon as i put my bags on my bed last night i was bummed & lonely. today the feeling has gotten worse and then i seen this:

january 22 is the most depressing day of the year, according to Wales-based psychologist Cliff Arnall. Arnall talks with Luke Burbank about why the day is so depressing, how to get through it and when to mark the happiest day of the year on your calendar. listen here.

more pictures soon.


oshareneko said...

I like it when new links appear on the side so I have more things to look at when I supposed to be working. Buck up lil camper, your peeples love you, and you are awesome. Hey my birthday is almost the happiest day of the year, and Damon's birthday is almost the most depressing day of the year. ying ying mang, like far out. virtual hug.

jane said...

whoa. i barely even got out of bed yesterday and called in sick to work. makes sense?
hope you are back to feeling awesome again.