"city of brotherly love" by cass mccombs

bolt bus from soho to west philadelphia. rx brunch. local/organic real good. the mutter museum was epic. stopped at a trader joe's and a thrift shop near by. loaded up on "nothing but mango". walked around logan square through love park & city hall. passed juniper's street on our way to 1026.
tons of little old jim houser doodles on stuff. thom lessner was real kind. they had a bin of $2 prints (3 for $5). got 2 chris duncan, 2 andrew jeffrey wright & 2 ben woodward pictures. pretty rad. stayed in a 200 year old hotel. found a few thrift shops all next to each other. walked by christain's street and ended up the royal tavern watching the olympics. got drunk and realized they had vegan sloppy joe's. stopped in a good anarchist book store. didn't know crimethINC started its own magazine. kept walking. found $1 pbr's and went searching for the liberty bell. no luck until the morning. got a real good breakfast at honey's sit & eat. walked around looking at where the flag was made, tons of skate spots and the oldest residential street. more beer. it was fun.


Lori said...

dude. those are some awesome shots! except maybe the baby one. creepy and sad. =( eek! i think you should go back and steal the juniper sign for me though. so cool. keep on rockin. we love you.

P.M said...

dude, philly is the best... looks like you killed it while in town!