mark kaiser made january's mix: HERE. dude has a rad family, wails in the mayyors, is 1/2 of mt.st.mtn., posts stuff on unpiano and i'm pretty sure commutes 2 hours each way for work monday - friday. dang. thanks so much for taking the time mark! best ever tack list: sic alps | crystal stilts | black mountain | thee ohsees | antony & the johnsons | the pains of being pure at heart | nodzzz | hunx & his punx | vetiver | the kinks | smog | eat skull dead families | ty segall | the troggs | psychedelic horseshit | chromatics | the real kids | nerve city | xyx | henry's dress | pat kelly


N A M E S A K E said...

lemme know if you run into any trouble down loading this. mark uploaded on the tracks as separate files here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/o1jb2h

Sarah said...

whoa, this is really good! no trouble at all. mark, if yr reading, this is awesome thank you ! from sarah, jay's old roommate.