ion iptusb. it's 12" & can be stored with your records, portable w/ built in speakers (dude, vinyl pic nic?), has pitch control & is under $200. just got the new mississippi records comp, mountains 12" & city center/grouper 7". need this thing now. thank you donald bell. dan told me about the canon eos 5d mark ii. it's a 21.1 megapixel full frame slr that shoots the best video to date. not going to bother with looking up the price on that. sarah & phillip, both told me to see this swedish vampire movie.


iamcurious said...

you were right -- that is a really good review of the turntable. moochas gracias. you have to upload the grouper/whatevs 7" for us readers por favor hot tamale

mt.st.mtn. said...

swedish vampire movie is awesome btw.

sharock said...

ditto to mt.st.mtn. swedes are sweeeet.