p.m. & i. thanks jeb! sleeves #1 is out & free. go get it here. scp #2 came out today. $5 here. thanks for the farewell carter. missing you guys. off to shred alone.


P.M said...

Dude. You're the best. Thanks so much for the shout out. I'll be sending out a big package next week... including the video... now you have to stop giving me a hard time for never getting anything out there! 2 in a week!

Anyway, happy shredding. I put up some SF inspiration for you on Ocean Howl.

Oh and that photo Jeb took is the best! So good.

Yeah Jeb.

anna said...

Hey-I'm happy to have you back in town! Let me know when you want to go to the skatepark. You can email me at missbliss18@gmail.com Talk to you later!