i remember sitting with my step dad on the porch when he threw you his empty beer can & you were too little to fit it in your mouth. then you were 165lbs. you were a good dog. good luck good buddy. here's a song called "black dog" by sonny smith


Monte said...

I remember the day Adam and I went to mom and Jim's house to see Casey for the first time. Man, talk about the cutest little puppy ever! Casey was a sweetheart and, in my mind, a little dog trapped in a giant dog's body. I will miss you tremendously.

jane said...

awww. what a cutie. sorry dude.

Lauren said...

I'm really going to miss the gentle giant. He and Emma can romp in the great dog park in the sky now... I'll never forget how they played and played and played for days that first Thanskgiving in Carson. One of the most cathartic things I can think of - to watch dogs play with everything they've got.
Such a good, loyal, stoic dog. Good ole Casey.