a couple days ago
eternal sunshine for the spotless mind came in the mail & last night we went to go see m.gondry's deitch opening. it was super blown out, so instead we got drunk and went to lil' frankies. we ended up eating next to elijah wood & i thought it was a neat coincidence. so, this morning i decided to listen to radiolab's memory episode while making breakfast (here's the podcast) & they basically state that the premise behind the film is not fiction. also, ten second tom from 50 first dates
isn't so much a joke. it's sad to hear him re-watch the conducting footage.

please listen to this segment about musical language. it's real smart:

& here, again, is the do make say think intro from wordless music:


Monte said...

Thanks Adam, both segments were very interesting!

sleepydz said...

frodo eats meatballs!

N A M E S A K E said...

the restaurant has some great options. i think that dude is veggie too.

oshareneko said...

That video hits real close to home.