RENTS $5,335.00, EATING OUT $1,608.00, GROCERIES $1,168.20, AIRPLANE TIX $1,128.00, CLOTHES $668.00, BOOZE $660.00, COFFEE $329.50, TRIPS HOME $370.00, SHOWS/MOVIES $297.50, MTA $290.00, CD's/BOOKS/ART $284.50, PHONE $221.83, HOUSE STUFF $93.00, TAXIS $62.00, HEALTHCARE $19.00, CIGARETTES $16.00, MAIL, GIFTS, BIKE, AIR CO., MISC. STUFF $727.00

$13, 277.53


tommy said...

just afford to be there next may when i stop by to give ya a hug.

N A M E S A K E said...

whoa dang, you aren't flying right. long bike ride?

P.M said...

NY is a Bummer

My favorite thing about that list: Eating In = The Same As Eating Out.

And you have to cook it.

Fucking New York!

N A M E S A K E said...

hah dude i had no idea i liked clothes so much

tommy said...

high-fashion cimino!
gotta get that ride in before i'm 30. gonna be great to see ya, but i'm not so sure about being a tourist in ny. we'll see when i get there. paris sounds great by the way.

Monte said...

How much did you spend on adult entertainment dog?