justine had originally come up with the idea of making a torture mix for her month. she is writing a book on the topic and has been compiling the musical references she learns about along the way. mother jones posted it here a while back, so she was kind enough to make us a new one. here it is & in no way torturous. track list:

peter sarstedt, cat power, vetiver, holly golightly, april march, belle & sebastian, dynasty, riot a go go, shellshag, the sharp ease, los cincos, the kinks, mc5, the shins, sonny smith, iron & wine.

hey, did you notice it's july and this is the june mix. i suck at keeping these things posted & it is because i don't like making the files. there's so many other radder (more rad?) things to do with time. 6 more to go & i promise no more slacking.

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iamcurious said...

good shit. if it's any consolation, your efforts are appreciated immensely.