don't know what i'm going to do about it yet. my verizon plan ends in a week or so. does anyone know the estimated cost to get up and running on an iphone?
07/24/08 UPDATE: i really enjoy not having a phone.


Cameron said...

$200 for the (new) phone and $75/month (450 minutes, unlimited data, 200 txt messages). 2 year contract.

N A M E S A K E said...

thanks cam!

megan elizabeth said...

be careful

the new models are having tons of technical issues

Jill said...

My plan is about $85 a month, 800 anytimes with the free nites & weekends, 200 texts and unlimited data. You should get one. I love mine in a way I never knew possisble. You would too.

jane said...

well, i was gonna ask for your number since i no longer have it and will be in your city in a few days, but seems like that won't do much good now.

P.M said...

don't do it.

Lori said...

we can put you on our family plan!? =) it would be like $70. i dont know how many minutes i get, but they always roll over.
oh, and what jill said. love love love mine. and i always hated cell phones.
. its my little computer on the go.

Lori said...

ps. got mine refurbished from at&t, works like a charm.

Nicholas Venaglia said...

I havent had a phone since december of 07