almost friday

38lb mushroom

today is my grandpa's birthday. he was born on leap year so i think that makes him 21. he found a 38lb. mushroom the other day. he had to cut in half in order to lift into the truck. he canned it all. he lives here. his name is nello & we are drinking buddies.



it looks gross everywhere. wars are ugly. last winter it was aj vs. fn.

hot & cold III

hot & cold three release this friday 7-10 at the eleanor hardwood gallery (1295 alabama @ 25th). 4 new 4-track songs by david benzler & i inside.


4-tracks (no bouncy)

drums, wurli, guitar & embarrassing. sing along here.


loot cakes walrus face

juniper makes me happy.

hot & cold III

i messed up my hot & cold post. sorry dudes. i'll tell you about it some other day.

colossal squids rule

sfgate story here.

big time

drinking means i'll wake up around 4:30/5:00am embarrassed about some dumb shit i said or did. thanks brian, rachel, dan & chris.


got a camera back today

had it set to 1 megapixel with date stamp. nice quality pics dudes.
can't tell if they gave me an updated version or if it's an older one?


just saying

i thought nathalie made it up, then i was taking a shit reading an old copy of the economist and there it was. the yeti crab.

really liking this deerhunter song.
have a great weekend. love, adamc.

like nurses

ellery & davy are playing at the edinburg castle around 9:30 tonight.


the scene is clean

n.roland m.roach wood cut.

right or ctrl click here for Garvey's Ghost (1961) @ 4:55 good good.

i never did file a report

On January 11, 2007, Leslie Jill May, 49, was a victim of a robbery. She made a police report regarding the robbery the next morning, January 12. Later in the morning May was forced into a vehicle on the 500 block of Jones Street. That was the last time May was seen. Later in the afternoon of January 12, at approximately 4:30 PM, a body was discovered in a Candlestick parking lot. An autopsy indicated that the person had been burned to death. A homicide investigation was begun and it was determined that it was Leslie Jill May’s body that had been found at the Candlestick Park parking lot. The investigation identified two suspects involved in the death of May. On January 23, Mia Sagote, 29, was arrested for the death of May. Sagote was charged with murder, kidnapping, and robbery. On February 13, a second suspect, Leslie Siliga, 30, was arrested for the murder and kidnapping of May and was additionally charged with conspiracy. An arrest warrant had been issued on February 6 for Siliga for the above charges. Contact Inspector Michael Gaynor at 415-553-9028 or Inspector Philpott at 415-553-1455 w/ info.

curious if this lady in the chron's photo essay is the same "jill" may? same hood right.


special art rebels

found this 7" at amoeba for a $1.99. both sides are real good. here's side a. a couple other songs: 1 ("special art rebels" this song is amazing) & 2. he's playing here in s.f. at the knockout on march 5th.

heart 101 roller @ 5th & market (sf stops wars) 2001 & still running.


epic, great, challenging & delicious cakes

yacht remix of booby birdman (og vid.) & archtecture in helsinki + his music by friends for the radio in france set (may take a while to download, little over an hour long, 45:13 bump it & @ 53:50 blow out BARR & his cakes).

more art with paper

i've collected a few magazine write ups and calendars over the years, but have never seen nikki mcclure's stuff in person. it is real inspiring & up at needles & pens for the month.

she made a print of a few of the pieces hanging. it is $10 and perforated like a stamp.


a favorite

efterklang cover here. pc's right click, mac's ctrl click, save link as.

good luck with your week. here's the original:


thanks again meg

this is a year or two old.
missing a couple covers in the discography section.
but dude, the text makes up for it.


my blog sucks with out my camera. it's crud. ellery & dan & i are playing around 10:30/11:00 on saturday. it's eve's bday & here's a reyhan write up in the chronicle. eve birdwatches. she is a better birder than me, but i can chop it up with her like, "dude, you hear about all those whooping cranes in florida? super bummer." but don't steal that one from me. if you go, find your own bird news to bug her with. hope you have a good weekend ahead of you. sincerely, adam c.



me, meg & marcella 10 years ago at bottom of the hill.


for lori

juniper, cloe, ellery, housemate's aunt & sully.

"fuerta" by max tundra


hunekes on a sunday

grew up riding bikes here with my family on the weekends.


broke my camera

& these pictures had something to do with it.


february came quick

here's jay howell doing a jump down the big three at pleasanton middle school (pms) in february '92. thanks everyone who came to adobe last night.


adobe boooks around 9pm maybe?

playing the same old song 2/2. for this.

think i'm done with it after this.