& the sleeves are screened. limited to 500. out 4/15.
pre-order & listen here. this & this too. man o man.

these folks said some nice stuff about nick. i'm a big fan as well.


kim posted a couple new prints up on the wild unknown.
juniper sang this song in a school play.


takes forever to make shoes. "i hope you die" by wye oak


michelle is in town & i made her this mix: girl names. the soft pack. grass widow. silent diane. king kong ding dong. paz lanchantin. the longcut. the radio dept. the sandwitches. pure ecstasy. mountain man. sonny and the sunsets. privacy.


new mississippi tape comp. here. thanks sarah. thanks root strata.


can't remember who i lent this to. i want it back now though. thanks dude.


dance party in my room. the last picture is my favorite. good day.


go look at this site. real pretty photos. this & this. i just got a job at the sierra club. my dad has been a member for over 40 years.


a shoe box of notes from high school. very humbling.


went back for a second look. so good. my printer broke. are you selling one? help.
swiped this from coldblood. i hear an old common sample in there off resurrection.


only 500. you should get yours. "beehive" by hannah and raven from grass widow


hiking with pops before the rains. mt. d peeking out. hard to come back to the city.