ONCE SOMETHING DIES YOU CANT MAKE IT LIVE++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

mathew grabbed up the dracula box.

it is locked to a chair & for sale in front of his house. he is kind & works on the plumbing for all the local businesses. his lady friend takes care of all the plants. his tired old dog barked at their door one night. mathew swung it open real quick & caught two sucks stealing my bike seat. he saved it for me and explained how to suck proof my whole whip. he's officially my old neighbor tomorrow. my new address is 351 e. 4th st. #4a, new york, ny 10009.this is a block & a 1/2 down.

i will still see mathew & he will still corner me into conversations about what store owners owe him money.

tomorrow is my birthday & today is halloween. i'm real tired from moving & can't motivate on these action items.the craziest thing right now is the amount of times i can listen to the new cass mccombs record (skipping track 1) in a day. easily 5 & sometimes 10.

christian sent a few of us a rad e-mail this morning about
here here getting played on the radio. i found out there is some other serious business in the works too. i feel very proud of him because he has worked for so hard & for so long. i also feel disappointed in myself for telling lori that i thought he took music too seriously and needed to have more fun with it. there's no way he would have produced the boy with an orange if he had adopted my low bar constitution. i am thankful for the inspiration he has given me to try harder. christian if you happen upon this, pretend like i'm giving you a hug right now.

they are playing at the
knockout in sf on nov. 28th.

here's shows in ny i'm going to see this month:

Thurs. 11/8

MOUNT EERIE 5pm at Cinders for free

129 Russell St @ Nassau | Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Sat. 11/10
Mum at NY Society for Ethical Culture, Central Park &
64th St.
Performing original compositions and selections from Bach's Goldberg Variations

Mon. 11/12
Cass McCombs & Ariel Pink at Bowery Ballroom

Wed. 11/28
Max Richter at Good-Shepherd Faith Church
Amsterdam Avenue & West 66th Street)
w/string quintet & films by Matt Hulse

my buddy stacy, who set me up with karen, is looking for a new spot in sf. please let me know if you or someone you know needs a roomie. she's in no real rush & is hoping for a spot with no more the 1 or 2 others.

i am standing in the center, holding both of your hands & when we come to curbs, you count to three and swing me up. my feet leave the ground & it is exciting.

your friend.



tunng last night:


This Sunday, Oct. 28, from 7 to 8 p.m. EDT, Sufjan Stevens will premiere parts of his orchestral work "The BQE" on David Garland's radio show "Spinning on Air". You can listen online at WNYC. Garland recently filmed a run-through of the piece in WNYC's studio and posted an excerpt to YouTube. Sufjan plays piano, and this offers an early chance to hear what the piece sounds like. As Pitchfork news reported in May, the live premiere of the full piece is set for Nov. 1, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave festival. The hour before ( 6-7PM EST) Dan Deacon will be on The Sound of Young America.

The New Pornographers were on Soundcheck yesterday.



carlos & d.deacon (who played this go! team cover of s.youth)
one last time

no age

neck escaper (thank you unpiano)


woke dan up

drove home


634 OUT OF 636

never heard of red velvet cake until yesterday. today it's the center piece of the final farewell scene in my book. the sunset if you will. the red velvet sunset. hah. got dracula up next. jens lekman played a paul simon cover yesterday. skip to 16:25.




man, it's a boring blog. bricks and my meals. but dude, little lad's had some epic squash stuff the other day and their kale is my favorite. it was the best lunch ever. so, one more picture of my $3.99 special. last one promise. on my way home today, i was made aware that i pass the most amazing vegan wheat free cupcake spot in town. this is a total understatement and i freaked out and life will never be the same. it is pretty much the best in the world. i haven't been to many places in the world, but i'm telling you the truth and i hope you will believe in me. this little cupcake has filled a hole in my heart i didn't know existed. she was called red velvet.