my brother finished up a record titled burial tree, "outer dark." here's the title track por tu & here's nathalie helping us to make it a little more special. you can pick up a hard copy at aquarius or by writing a dude at: monte.cimino(at)gmail(dot)com. it's also available via a series of tubes both here & here.


samples from sir richard hart's rock collection:

brick from old emb

ledge from old union square

tile from brown marble ledges

piece of hubba hideout


purchase issue two of the moholy ground project to see a bunch of his photos and learn more about this fine young gentleman.


i had a dream last night that i lived in hawaii and found a puppy under my bed that i got to keep.


another quick mix. hope your week is well.



new abner jay release here via ghostcapital.


last big sur post. promise. (love you guys).