scott, ruth & jason have become very inspiring friends. we went to tahoe together. : )


orfn passed away & luggage store had a memorial show. will miss seeing his stuff around. here's an obit.


yosemite, august 1-5, 2017: we car camped near the ranger station monday, july 31, and started from the mono meadow trailhead on the 1st. the first day was mellow and we camped on illouette creek just up from a fun swimming hole. we made it to lower ottawa lake the next day, passing a couple groups who had failed at getting up and over red peak pass. the lake's reflections and backdrop were unbelievable. we made an attempt to paint the sunset which was pretty funny. the mosquitos came out. the sierra club caught up to us that night and were planning to send a scout up to the pass in the morning. they had about 10 folks of varying age and ability. in the morning, tara got us going and we made it up the pass only losing the trail in the snow a couple times. the descent was a bit sketcher and would have been impossible without poles. we almost lost lareina. it rained throughout the day, but dried up by camp. we spent that night along triple peak fork just up from a waterfall. the next day we split for a night, reina and i headed towards nevada falls and tara snuck in a solo half dome mission. we met at the backpackers camp the next morning and hiked out a day ahead of schedule. 50+ miles.