thank you david, terri, jason & felix for inviting everyone over to move deeper into the realm of song. i really enjoyed this nitewalker one. i have learned it may also be listen to on a 7" record. this record may be purchased in person here or by mail here.



<<<< ___________________wolf torture & execution___________________ >>>>


"yet another dismaying episode of disaffected youth behaving badly, plus a graphically gratifying "Sex Degrees of Seperation (sic) Rail Map." see what happens when you spend your formative years fucking off? you can't even spell..." - artbusiness.com


i am certain this review made jesse's day. all else aside, unpiano has made another beautiful zine. the format, layout and paper quality are its best yet in my opinion. there are about 20 copies of this spicy meatball left. get on it if you want it.


it should come as no surprise that nathaniel russell is one of my all time favorite artists in the world ever. i hope you will all take a trip down to mollusk to see his new show which opens on march 24 & runs through april 7th.


michael hurley is playing in big sur for the woodist festival & i'm going.