been looking for this record since the day is came out / sold out. happy new year.


my house is freezing always. brought back some firewood from my dad's side yard.


images from the epic short "CHONTO" are for sale here. mr. mell was also on kqed.


my pops headed up the first ever christmas bird count conducted in the tri-valley.
b.losers is out on dvd with special features. i'm a loser for not painting anymore.


forgot to check the mail yesterday & this morning found these when i took out the trash. totally felt like a santa moment. hey, i love you. thanks for checking in on me and i hope you have a great new year. fgo this weekend! merry christmas.


karen gives good gifts. i wish you were here always. "you'd be ..." by b.birdman.

jealous of this. less blog more rock in the new year. redwoods rule. ewoks unite.


good single. here's the b-side. think neighbors is vetiver. here's a stumptown vid.*


i want new shoes. finals finish line is so close. thursday. good luck with your day.


sharlene pointed this out. after saturday morning's interview i can't stop listening. cool hearing this morning that TARP can work. with citi we stand to come up around $5.7 billion no less. danced until 4am at the xmas party. 1 final down. finish line.


"christmas time celebration" by queens of sheeba. must finish finals. must party.


jesse just released his first book (photos by sandy kim) & girls played. it was bonkers. he also just made an incredible novemebr mix for our trade. he explains the concept here & he set up a page to view all the videos here. dang. thank you jesse. you are a brilliant mind and inspiring person. i'm last for this trade thing, and with finals ahead, won't have anything together until the new year. i hope to combine it with a small run of cdr's. all the stuff i recorded in nyc over the last two years. if you'd like one write me with your address and i'll be sure to make enough. sanfrantastic(at)gmail(dot)com. goodbye for a bit. love, adam