kevin rafter got me out on my first trail run. usually going slow and birding or chatting with buds.
mom came to visit my new place. had a fun day in the city with lots of left overs.


one day i went to the dentist and then later, when i got home, i went for a walk.

i know i've taken this picture of reina's hair before but it's so neat to see next to the brushy bay area hills.

this is a picture from in front of my work. sometimes i meet my brother for lunch.

lareina is hands down the most fun person to hike with. always curious & always game for a new trail.

the rafters are great people. they helped to start 4h in sf. thought the little farm would be fun to share.

this guy is my neighbor. stumbled on him after a claremont hike & now i introduce him to all my friends.