2 very good songs are "summer holiday" by wild nothing and "what's in it for" by avi buffalo. got them here. hope you listen and that you have a good almost friday day.kim posted her 2010 calenders yesterday. they are rad and sell out every year. bye.


"70 mile house" by alvarius b
wrote this goofy song while taking breaks on the paper i was writing.



new tobin yelland reel found on solitary arts. goes all the way back to visual sound.
yo la tengo was on forum today. here's their version of the "looney tunes" theme.


af, brandon, jamie & i at lori's bday in jan. 2001. "the time is right" by michael hurley


my car, an art show, some friends, my dog & a joan of arc song from the 90's.


a picture out my window. most days are gray. "reach out i'll be there" by lee moses


miss karen. miss my roof. miss new york. these dudes posted some grouper stuff.


voice in headphones is one of phil elverum's reoccurring gems that appears under both the mount eerie and microphones monikers: 1, 2, 3, 4. i've been catching myself unknowningly singing it though out the day. christian caught me on our ride out to the beach the other night. he called me out for singing bjork. what? here is the beautiful song, "undo" by bjork, that brings him to tears. use headphones dude.


family band has the 1st song on fader's 64th podcast. interview here. i'm playing drums (silent 5th member). 64 comes up almost every day for me. has for years.


"rom" by n. cave & w. ellis (thanks tati. perfect studying music). family band - me.


have a new mix up over here. there's couple re-runs from the road trip. monday.


"the vitamin-v" by secret stars (spring/summer/fall always time to rearrange).


a good look at some polk st. history by cross currents radio (found on mediavore).


2010 will be a good year (proof). 2009 is dead to me. "beach comber" by real estate