new yacht song

you, getting this song: here for free means it'll be a good weekend.
take crare, adam
(pc right click, mac cntrl click - save target as) c.
ps here's older yacht stuff: 1 & 2 pss couple newer remixes: 3 & 4


favorite all time


my eye has been twitching for over 2 weeks. dr. bonilla says i need sleep.
i can see our house from his office. he's the best. here's his # 285-7940.

more pictures

click here.


get mellow

giovanni & bridget always wreck me. we tied one on saturday and freaked out with the monotonix at the knockout. it felt good to see fire and destruction indoors. could barely walk sunday, but got down to 25th and south van ness w/ sarah to see this guy ben cover a townes van zandt song:here's another townes van zandt song: fare thee well, miss carousel
also, you should watch be here to love me because it is good.

warm fuzzies

i watched the first season of spaced at least 4 times last year. then i found out it was the same guys that made shaun of the dead. that was rad. this morning i found out about their new movie from the old lady at the coffee shop. here's the trailers, video blog & pacman game for hot fuzz.


pretty city

you can't win

shit, he's got a long week ahead:

San Francisco Police arrested the suspect in an arson fire at ------- Street that occurred last Monday afternoon, March 19. -------, 33, was taken into custody yesterday evening, March 20, at the University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center. A citizen at the hospital recognized ------- from his picture that was aired on television and called police. The fire injured a San Francisco firefighter and substantially damaged the apartment building. ------- was a resident in that building. ------- has been charged with two counts of arson: arson with injury to a firefighter and arson in an inhabited structure.

if anyone knows of a way to help out through this, letter writting, benefit show or whatever, let me know. i'm a fan. also, say the word & i will delete this post.



north korea

Image Is The Master
new works by:

Mat O’Brien & Nick Nuebeck

Needles + Pens
3253 16th St. San Francisco, Ca. 94103

opening reception
6-9pm, Friday March 23rd, 2007
work on display through April 22nd

i'm going to play around 8 maybe?

close to home

Friday, March 16 at about 5:40 A. M., the nude body of a male-to-female transgender was found on the sidewalk of the 1600 block of Indiana Street between Cesar Chavez and Marin St. The victim was Latin, about 30 years old, slender, with shoulder-length dark hair. There were knife-like scars on both arms. On that same morning, at about 8:00 A. M., a white female about 25 years old with blonde hair was seen walking nude on Cesar Chavez toward the Highway 101 South on-ramp, where she hitchhiked a ride, getting into a blue metallic car. Confidential Tip Line, 415-575-4444

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