yosemite round IV 2007

drove out to mariposa & lowell drew us a map on where to find a great grey owl. drank in the meadow below until dark and saw something hunting on the other side.

hiked around the whole meadow in the morning and decided not to go south to clark's. ended up in yosemite, stayed in the meadows, woke up & hiked mt. dana, the highest peak in the park at 13000ft. took 4 hours to get up there and 2 to get down. neat view of mono lake when we got to the top.

signed all the books at the top

met mom for wine & pie in lee vining. the mobile station has epic veggie sandwiches.

leaving tomorrow for a 3 day back packing trip. more pictures soon. got another samsung in the mail today. these photos were all taken on lori's rebel slr. thank you lori!

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jay howell said...

adam, that mobile station is crazy right?... i had lobster taquitos there last month.