home sweet home


dmtz said...

man, youre across from kates kitchen!!! totes awesome, last time i was there they were playing master of puppets. totes congrats duder!!! see you at the end of the month!

dmtz said...

stoops i mean kates jzzzoint

leslaz said...

sweet jesus, i freakin love you adam.

glad you're safe

LaReinaCipolla said...


jane said...

Oh...now you are really gone. Before I was just telling myself you were on a road trip.

Sounds like so far everything is looking really rad for you. I'm sure you will do awesome at your interview.

xoxo, jane

Spotted Puffer Fish said...


M3G said...

4 D Holla!! im coming. stat.
crossing my phalanges for your interview!!

Raven said...

WOW the food looks soooo good.
Good photos along the way.
Food looks better, sorry.
I'm coming on out to sample the food. Oh yea gota go to the Dave Letterman show.
Birds any birds yet?
So ED on Monday very cool.
Take'n NY,NY on aren't you?

Stacy said...

I ate there when i visited NY in May!!
Soo yummy. See sometimes I do like food without the meat! Anyway, congrats on your move and glad you made it there safely.
I hope to be out there for another visit soon!

nick v said...

awesome dude!

Giovanni said...

Went and saw Vetiver tonight, and Battles was last night...I guess your really gone cuz we didn't kick it. Life here is different already. Happy independence day!!! Bridget loves you too!

Dango82 said...

So you drove to NY? Wowo thats crazy! Balls to the wall adam! No...put your balls on the wall...i'll have happy dreams now***