sick on little lad's and found this grocery store to change up my break. real easy to stay under $7. favorites are the jerked veggie chicken wrap, curried turkey & kale.

daniel from battleship moved here a couple months ago and cooks ups a storm at a new vegan cuban restaurant by dan's house in brooklyn. here's a battleship song. below is some jerked fish, goat stuff and plantain salad he made. dang good.

i've missed layonna's ever since i had to move out of the harrison st. house. jake & i would split logs of chicken and ham and it'd last for weeks. tonight i found the new york equivalent down the street from the cupcake spot & on the way home from work. sort of takes the idea a bit further (dude: gizzard, mouth breeder fish & sunny sides up). brilliant. jake has had the epiphany of veggie dinosaur, endangered species & human for halloween. it's the may wahs of the world who are bringing this dream a little closer.

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Jill said...

fake meats are the best! & that cuban food looks so so good!