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i've been hopeful before, it can last for daysour refrigerator doorss.i.o (m.carey cover/4-tracks no bouncy)m p hcantiga de jesus estrada (25th & harrison)morning message machinewhen you were mine (prince cover)an astonishing portrait of the natural worldbully! bully! bully! (pigeon fight – 24th st. bart)in dubious battle& all those words (2nd try)katrinathe june/july age: 22 - 25 (hot & cold #7)space age love song (flock of seagulls cover)you are the proudest thing i've seen a lot ofboring lonelyanywhere down the linelike long lost leviathonbroken tonyrearrange a roombass for tmossi'll change completelyhamburger eye& all those words (original)
baby avery the a b c's++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
100 cdr's, recorded with one mic on a few different 4-tracks in san francisco between september 2002 & june 2007, not mastered, some are loud, some are not, wood cut print by nathalie roland, zine by amy browne, art on cdr by jay howell, font & layout by megan greig, print labor by steve ziagos, some songs cleaned up by robert cross, christian lyon, ellery samson & daniel mckenzie, jon fee plays bass on june/july & alexandra sangmiester cello, brandy knight didn't know she was writing "morning message machine" or that i wrote "you are the proudest thing i've seen a lot of" for her, tommy guerro wrote "bass for tmoss" as a bass solo for thomas campbell & did not intend for me to track over it as i did, broken tony is in memory of tony vadakan,
"cantega de santa maria (24th & harrison)" was renamed after a man who stood up for me & another, losing his life in the process. if i have given you this stuff over the last few months, it was missing a couple of these tracks because i began to second guess the purpose of sharing.


jane said...

oh man, i'm really stoked about downloading this right now, i got a cd from jake awhile ago, put it on my work computer and promptly lost it.

jolyne said...

thank you. this is awesome. your awesome. miss you!

Monte said...

Great video. I am surprised the covers didn't blow off the deck.

Dusty - SF, CA said...

Really, really good. Drum tracks sound great. "Our Refrigerator Doors" bummed me out but in a good way I guess.

N A M E S A K E said...

thanks for listening and for being kind dusty. everyone for that matter. that song is one i had been leaving off. meant it more as a good bye gift to the hunekes and less of something to hand out to strangers.

oshareneko said...

"began to second guess the purpose of sharing" constant internal dialogue for me and my relationship with the the internet. well put.

justin visnesky said...

hey adam,

i've been meaning to comment for a while now... thanks so much for posting this. it's been a constant source of inspiration. really amazing work.