"when we call in (ah puppy mix)" by me & marcella


megan elizabeth said...

that one gave me goosebumps....so dreamy

oshareneko said...

My ribcage feels too small so much my heart swells when I hear this music. The bright chimes like sun in your eyes, the simple warm claps, your voices, pretty flurrying melodies and the memory of a clumsy determined puppy tumbling down a grassy hill...

Anonymous said...

thanks for listening and posting.

nathalie, i listened to our whole conversation and i kept interrupting you. you'd start to say something and as soon as i could relate, i would have to interject my own experience before you could finish yours. i also told you to shut up twice and said the f word a bunch. need to clean up my act. throughout all that, the best part of the recording was when the puppy came. time stopped. or, morphed more like it, into puppy time.

oshareneko said...

A message from Puppy Magic.
"Greetings humanoids.
I am Puppy Magic.
BEHOLD my AWESOME time stopping skills!
I am a public miracle.
Worship me and you will live forever."