"abillera" by the necks
"paper windmill" by the mountains

"technology is killing music (systems & layers outtakes)
" by the rachels
"stereo music for yamaha disklavier prototype, electric guitar, and computer,"
"stereo music for acoustic guitar, bucla music box 100, hp model 236 oscillator, electric guitar, and computer - part two" by keith fullerton whitman
hope these help with the book you're reading. i'm onto the history of paris. take care.


N A M E S A K E said...

just got to work and found that the picture attached to the windmills song is one i took of the sky in the middle of the utica reservoir (team kayak!). i think when i bought the album the artwork wouldn't upload and i was real into this song when we went on that camping trip. i posted those pictures on my old blog stupiddumbretarded.blogspot.com and since i haven't logged in for so many years it won't let me look no more. bummer.

Monte said...

I like the songs you picked - great taste as usual.