the comps are here & the cassettes here.


Monte said...

Holy Mississippi Madness Batman!

Anonymous said...

hey brother. i realized this morning that a few albums had accidentally saved to my hard drive. so i drug them over to my itunes, which in the past, saves them to my external hard drive with the rest of my library. then i deleted them off my hard drive. somehow my itunes music default had turned to my hard drive. so when i drug them into my itunes it didn't do anything because they were already there. long story short i lost all these mississippi comps. i stumbled on these links at work today trying to show a kind co-worker how easy it is to find stuff by typing mediafire next to it. i am very thankful however, i feel that i had better digitized versions than most of these. so the hunt continues. it is one thing to find a link for a mississippi comp. it is another to find the cleanest take of each song. it is never ending as collecting should always be. i may drive to nashville tomorrow for the last silver jews show.

Monte said...

Be safe and have fun!