i'm a big fan of david wilson's work and have posted lots about his different shows & gatherings over the years. it is exciting to see him join the ranks of tauba auerbach, colter jacobsen, simon evans & barry mcgee as a SFMOMA SECA award winner. they sent out a note this morning stating the following: david wilson will develop, over the course of the exhibition [9/14-11/17], a series of intimately composed sites at six outdoor locations in san francisco, leaving new hand-drawn maps with walking and public transportation instructions at an informational trailhead in front of the closed SFMOMA building. his ephemeral and subtle interventions take myriad forms, including live musical performances by guest collaborators, hidden audio recordings, and landscape drawings. UPDATE: new maps will be available starting on the following days: september 14, september 23, october 7, october 28, november 4, and november 17.

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