cabin fever

i just played my last show with holly mae.


below are 4 clips from the end of october when we all went to big sur and stayed in a little solar powered cabin.

they're missing jamie and sarah.

on the 1st of nov. i went to nyc to meet up with ellery, dan and jay on the mall tour.

i'll post thoses photos here.

intro & 1st night of drinking:

morning after pancake batter and lighting the stove top:

cooking pancakes, eating them & going outside:

watching the bird fly:

on the second night of drinking someone said hammerhead shark attack.

couple photos ken took:

sarah's cart wheel set up

madam houdini

i'm going to really miss playing with them.
come back in a couple days for mp3's of the movie soundtrack and some of holly's songs.


Anonymous said...

careful with those piggies, they carry a lot, i mean, a lot of parasites, get one of those into the lining of a humans lower intestine and we've got trouble buddy.

oshare said...

Last show huh? that's too bad. You guys sounded great. I enjoyed your videos. Looks like a very lovely experience. hugs. n 2007- year of the pig!