dudes, I just spoke with brad & he got a city permit to have 1,200 people meet at ocean beach on saturday january 6th. he's renting a helicopter and stuff too. here's his site.

i don't have sound at work but here's a video of a run through with 30 people.


oshareneko said...

Can we come?

lamesake said...

if you are cereal i'm in. if it is sunny we could ride bikes and if it sucks out i'll drive.

wild horse society said...

OK! sounds like a plan, my friend Lila is gonna borrow my guest bike. You are invited for coffee before hand if you like.

wild horse society said...

I'm not sure how I went from oshare to wild horse society.

lamesake said...

that's an awesome secret name.
coffee is good. let's do this.
i think itll be sunny & probably a little awkward.