ft. miley w/ sarah

sarah's bday party was fun stuff. sorry if i made you wear the dick head, hit you in the balls or talked about buying eggs. this whole weekend was missing jake. hung over fort miley:

'the tiger bounce' by ezee tiger

sarah's real birthday is on wednesday the 17th & lori's will be on friday the 19th (cabin trip!).


jane said...

it was fun hanging out, even if you did drop me on my head.

lamesake said...

man i suck. i'm sorry jane. i kind of remember that. marker's mark was on sale at safeway and i got started way too early.

oshareneko said...

could sarah be any more fabulous and could your friendship be any sweeter? I love it.

sarah said...

hung over, but awesome. we need to see the other "go easy on the poo chamber!" video, adam.

lamesake said...

i meant to write maker's mark. shouldn't be playing on this at work. not sure i want to post the party pics.

Sonya said...

Thanks for being on my blog! Your pictures are great.


lamesake said...

it was nice to meet you sonya.
let me know when your book is out.

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