drank coffee & ate granola w/ nathalie & lila
rode bikes to the beach

nathalie picke "M" for us

hung out w/ friends

laid in the sand for a while & drank tons of coffee

we hit up papa lote and then i went on a solo amoeba/gr mission.
nathalie still has stuff up in their print show.
go see it.


oshareneko said...

Thanks for the big ups yo. I wanna see your vids kay? you gat anything at amoeba or gr?

lamesake said...

daedelus 12"
peter, bjorn & john

Brian said...

I think they really ought to leave that Bill Clinton fellow alone. It was only a blowjob. Also, The Thermals are rad. I didn't think I could like a new pop punk album so much.

oshareneko said...

coffee coffee coffee get wierd

plug1 said...

howd you get them arial shots? good stuff, mayne.

lamesake said...

the interweb doood.