here's nathalie roland & here's nathalie roland's february mix. i hope it shines the light of love on your month of march just as well. it's really something else. thank you nathalie! track list: luis mariano | os mutantes | france gall | beulah | st. vincent's latinaires | betty davis | vince guaraldi | chantal goya | the accidental | orchestre national de barbes | francoise hardy | the pioneers | herman dune | cosmic rays | irma thomas | kasmere stage band | josie stingray ( this track knocks my socks off) | kelley stoltz | (you are missing out on 3 tunes. sorry dude.)


S.Lemon said...

About to listen to it while I work on some stuff...from the looks of the track list though it seems sure to be great.

shortbread said...

This is such a good mix of music, its really nice to hear a whole bunch of stuff you havent heard and like it all. Thanks for sharing