i learned of honest jon's because their 12" reissue comps look too slick** to walk by. i went to find them online & got side tracked watching the mississippi cavaliers 7" go for $100 on ebay. turns out honest jons is shop as well as a label out of the uk. looked up the cavaliers for kicks and it is all pretty untapped. sure you can get most these here, but the hard copies go for quite a lot. if you are a collector get them while you can. careful though, they just reissued last kind words and i seen people bidding too much for it. i imagine this will happen with others as well so don't blow your top hunting, but please do keep an eye out for love is love and the lipa kodi ya city council for me.


S.Lemon said...

Looks great. The amount of well done reissues these days is amazing and I'm loving it.

mt.st.mtn. said...

Get that Abner Jay record! Pulled that off a blog years ago, Scott from S-S wrote a great thing about it, so crazy and good.

N A M E S A K E said...

dude, academy just got them in BK but they haven't made their way over the east river yet.